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PastorT- Without your words “Welcome Home” I’m not sure where I
would be today.  That day, June 5, 2016.  Still stuck in my head, I
had left 3 months earlier and moved to St. Louis, full of hope,
promise, love, and planning a wedding.  I came home, broke, homeless,
unemployed.  Living with a friend temporarily, then a homeless shelter
for veterans.  To live the story of the Prodigal Son, and for my
Pastor to open her arms, welcome me home, and still one of the only
times I have cried about that whole situation is amazing to me.  It's
now July 2017, I have had two gallery shows for my photography,
released two books, started a publishing company, my photography has
taken off, I am employed, and two more books almost completed and
ready to go to press.  Believe me, there have been struggles along the
way, but GOD has never let me down.  In fact, he has blessed me.
Depression and anxiety gone, self esteem restored.  I finally came out
of my desert period, and am living in my destiny.

​Michael Thaxton

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