1. FRIDAY: August 3-6, 2017
    Family Fun Retreat
    Families gather at the horse ranch to leave technology and the busyiness of life to retreat with family and friends and grow together. Fun is the main event as Families that play together, stay together!
  2. Saturday : September 23, 2017 @10 am
    Finding Me Workshop
    Finding Your Purpose and the Fuel to Step In Don't live another day letting life happen, register for this workshop and find out your best YES and begin to declutter the rest
  3. FRIDAY: October 13, 2017
    Speaking Engagement @ Pastor Bonita's Ladies meeting
    Stay Tuned for more info / Open to general public
  4. Saturday : October 7, 2017
    Between Sisters Luncheon
    open to general public *See their site for more info
  5. FRIDAY: MAY 16, 2014
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